The 7 Granfather Teaching

Hello Blaze & Ghost rider here. we are telling you about The 7 grandfather teachings is an Anishinaabe Tradition. It is celebrated on June 21st, There are seven Teachings  which are:


truth = turtle

humility = wolf

honesty = Sasquatch

love = eagle

wisdom = beaver

respect = buffalo

We think that courage is the most important teaching. Because its the thing that makes you go further in life.

Here is a picture of all the 7 teachings 

Rock presentation

I have created a blog post of rocks, at the bottom you see a picture of volcano, so we have multiple things. I try to create a blog post with three areas, Sedimentary, Metamorphic and igneous

MY self reflect is that i should have drew a volcano and in the inside its a picture of how it work.

Here is the video of my presentation


in conclusion rocks can be expensive an cheap, rare and common, so i hope you learned something new and enjoyed,thank you for listening to my presentation

Self reflect public public speaking

What did i find challenging? I found it challenging coming up with the idea. It was challenging because i had so many good ideas it was difficult to choose one.


What did I find easy. Well i have to say, it was challenging.

Everything so what i would say is “Nothing”


What did i enjoy? When i was presenting it. It is really fun to present to the class, that is what i enjoyed.


What did i not enjoy? So again, I did not enjoy coming up with the idea.


What would i do differently next time? I would practice more,

Look at audience more and more clear with my words.

Public speaking

Aww man,my tongue is itchy, oh no, i might be allergic to something, i need to take a check up.

Hello, my name is Liam Mordel and I will be talking about annoying allergies.


My three main points are, What is an allergy , what you can do to prevent from getting an allergy, What are the kinds of the reactions you can get. 

let’s begin!


What is an allergy?(PAUSE) An allergy is when your immune system reacts to a specific food or pollen, bee venom or pet dander.(PAUSE) These things can cause allergic reactions. This happens because either you have not eaten this food (if it’s a food) or bee venom, But bee venom contains proteins that will affect your skin cells and your immune system making sometimes pain and swelling even, if the person is not allergic to bees. It won’t be as worse as the person who does have an allergy to bees.


Another thing, can you just develop allergies on the spot?(PAUSE) Well Allergies can just develop at any time in your life, However they can start unexpected as an adult, Hypothetically  let’s say your parents have an allergy to something, that can give you a bigger chance of developing one in any time in your life. Fun fact, between 10% and 30% of the population of the world has an allergy.


Back to the story, when he goes  to take a check up the doctor he asks “what have you eaten that caused this reaction?” He says “Cashews” “ok, we need to do a test” “what’s the test?” “ so we have a tray, the tray has spikes on them,The spikes are hollow to let the liquid be inside when they touch your skin, the liquid of each type of nut is going to touch your skin” “but what happens when it touches the skin?” “ there is going to be a rash, but don’t scratch it until you go home, then go to the shower and just rest until the rash just fades away”(PAUSE


What can you do to prevent getting an allergy?(PAUSE) First thing, if it’s a seasonal allergy, you can go get an allergy shot, it may be a pain, because you need to get the shot twice a week for three months, after you’ve been doing that for three months, you get an allergy shot every month! (This works because it makes you challenge the pollen so your immune system will be stronger to pollen)


Plus, this makes you overcome your fear of needles,(PAUSE) Second choice, you can just keep on eating the food (this works to help you to prevent the allergies, so your immune system can develope of being not allergic to this food, So try to eat all the foods before it’s too late! “unless if it’s a food you don’t like”) that’s how i got my allergy(PAUSE)


Back to the story, AGAIN, when the spikes touched his skin, he saw all the liquid touch his skin. He felt the itchiness after 30 seconds, There was three, one, hazelnut, Tree nuts, Cashews,

After about 7 minutes, he looked at three of them. He asked “why does cashews look like Texas, Hazelnut look like octopus? and the tree nuts on my left arm are HUGE!?”


The bigger it is, the more dangerous it is to your immune system, so don’t get near tree nuts, OR ELSE IT CAN KILL YOU, But if you get a reaction take an epipen, use it when you have a reaction. Take off the cap dab it in your thigh for 7 seconds and call the ambulance, The medics will do the rest of the work.

Speaking of reactions.

I have to finish saying my last paragraph about REACTIONS.


The most common reaction is runny nose, Sneezing, itchiness, this is called “Rhinitis”

 itchiness, red eyes, watering eyes, this is called “conjunctivitis”

Those are some of the common allergic reactions, now let’s get in A DANGEROUS one. There is one when your throat closes in slowly, and when it closes fully you can’t breathe, That means you need to use your epipen. When you dab it in your thigh you wait seven seconds, This Medication acts on the whole body which blocks the progression of the reaction. Then this gives you more time to breathe and let the ambulance come to you. This Adrenaline lasts for about 30 minutes, The epipen will expire in about 18 months but the max is 3 years. (PAUSE)


In conclusion, allergies can be dangerous and threaten your life. But in the end, if you take care and monitor them, you will be completely fine. Thank you for listening to my presentation. 

My cookie Excavation

Hello today i will be talking about how i did my cookie excavation in science class, before we get into this. I want to tell you what a geologist is, a geologist is a scientist in rocks and sometimes inspects the rocks, cool things they do. They go to an active volcano and they find rocks,When they get a rock they inspect it, and when they do that they can tell when the volcano is going to erupt. That was my little talk about what geologists are. Now about the cookie excavation,

To start i got to choose a cookie, i chose the Cara-milk one (it’s a type of cookie with caramel chocolate chips) I excavated the cookie meaning I took out the chocolate chips. I had two cookies to excavate.  i had to predict what i would get, so i wrote 12 on the first and fourteen on the second that was my prediction, so on my first cookie i got about 16 chocolate chips, and for the second i got 17,

Conclusion, i got 16 on the first one, and i thought there would be 12, And on the second cookie i got 17, and i thought there would be 14

Here are some pictures of me and VIDEO

My Innovation Day Project

Welcome back to my blog, today i will tell you all about my Project (Drawbridge+Castle). While i was planning for my project, i was also studying about castles and drawbridges. So I want to tell you what i have learned. First, I watched a video about all the different types of castles like, Philippine Castle or battlements, If you wonder why is there a moat, here’s why (a moat is when there is a river around the castle) It was meant to Protect the castle from attack, so is the drawbridge. They used to close it before the troops came in and attack. And when they were under the floor there is a roof with hoes in it and they drop molten lava on them. Alright now that we are finished with what i have learned. Now I want to also tell you about serfs and lords. if you were a girl you would do a job of dancing or musical, And men were swordsmen If you were a privileged child, you would grow up to live in the royal family. Now serfs, serfs are farmers that were controlled by the king, They lived in small simple houses made of wood, they had the least power. Now i want to show you a picture of a feudal system, its just a picture to show who has the most power to least power.

Now to my project. I started off with a plan for my castle and the drawbridge.The drawbridge was meant to be used with gears. so the gears were on the floor and it was connected to another gear, and that gear would spin it. The gear that is spinning had a pulley connected to it, which will pull the string which closes the door. My hypothesis was “it might work because the gear was falling off” my solution was to add clay on the bottom so that it would stick to the ground AND spin.

Lets get back to facts about castles, 1, did you know castle walls are 26 ft thick? 2,did you know they had square walls, so they could dig under and break the castle, so they switched to round walls. and last one. in the earlier castles don’t look like the ones we know,mot and daily castle,But their weakness was fire so they switched to stone walls.

How i made my castle. i started with the drawbridge. my drawbridge has a string in the middle, That string go’s through the wall which is being pulled by the pulley. But i had to use gears so what i did was connect the gear beside the pulley, so when you put a gear beside it, It will spin the pulley. Now the castle, My castle is tall, and the city is in the back. So everything was good. So i painted the cardboard grey(for the castle color) After that was done. i tested out the drawbridge, which suddenly broke! So that has slowed me down. What that is now what i am working on. When it got fixed, I added a wall that you could flip so you can see the inside of the castle. how i did it was, if first made the hinge, which is made from 1 straw and 2 skewers. So the skewers were in the straw and the skewers stayed where it was but the straws moved. so then it could what i have to finish off is the walls and the city. Here is a video of my idea for my drawbridge, with the gears.

Now lets talk about how i built my castle, Here is a video about how i built


Because that video was not my finished product, i will tell you the rest. so this is my procedure. I added the battlements And then i painted the castle grey. When that was done, i added the decorations which were the plant and the table, But i had to add a wall to the front because a castle without a wall is just weird. What i had to do was add the wall to the hinge so it could flip open and close. When i tried the gears it was moving i realized. So what i did was just move the wall closer to make it stay in place. With all That done I had finished my castle.

With all that done, here is my final tour video and picture of all my progress.

Self reflect. The first thing i would do is instead of wasting my time of the ideas for the gears. I could have just done it the easiest way, Which is a gear is connected to a pulley and there is another gear being spun by another gear which pulls the rope and closes the drawbridge. The other thing is when I made the roof for the castle it was falling forward(because there was not a wall in the front) So what i did was flip it over and hot glue it to the walls so it would stay still. After that i should have added the battlement first thing because that took a while. That is all the things i would do if i could go back in time.

Conclusion. I chose to make a gear+pulley system That was on the wall. Which was a problem because it would always fall off. so what i did was put it on the roof and in the procedure (if you read it) it will tell how i made the pulley. So now my pulley+gear is working which is good. Meaning i have finished my castle!


Persuasive writing

Have you ever experienced being hungry, and you’re so hungry you want to barf? If you don’t eat enough of most foods you could become allergic to them. It does not feel good to have an allergic reaction because it can also kill you. This also means foods you have never had in your life, you could be allergic to them. 


Hypothetically, let’s say I was going to school late and I was starving for a million hours. If the snack ended at 10:05 and it was 10:15, I would not have any time to eat anything and my starvation would have continued until lunch. The food is healthy,Or else you would be weak and sick and might die to hunger.

So if the snack was longer I would not have time to eat and not miss out.

Which is another reason to have extra snack time. So then It would be nice if the snack was 30-35 Minutes long.This will make us more happy and then we could behave better.


Third reason, We should have more snack time is because If we have more snack time we will be in a better mood.Also, when we are in a better mood we behave better and learn better because we are satisfied with what we have eaten.

And we could enjoy all of our time when we eat.

In conclusion, kids like me need more snacks so they can have time to eat their food,So then they Would not be in a hurry to finish their snack. We need the Extra snack time because if we don’t finish the food in time it could expire at the end of the day which is a waste of food .(Or you could eat it, but dont)

We will  behave better because we have finished our food which is good so if i had extra time(and the whole class) we will behave better


The reasons why we should get more time to eat are


Point  1 Why to have more snack time

Kids need to have snack because They need to eat, and eating is good to make you grow. So If we had 10+ mins of snack time the kids would Learn better because they have more energy.


Point 2 Do we need extra snack time?

Well yes and No Because some kids need more time to finish their snack, And if they do not finish their snack by the end of the day the snack could be expired and then that’s a waste of food.

And some kids finish their snack their snack to quick so then they could Choke.


Point 3 Will we behave better?

Well probably yes, We have more energy and we ate all of our food so we are in a better mood.

And when we are in better mood we behave much better.

Pulley’s with my friends

I collaborated with @Water King And @Quicksilver 

We started off with ideas off how our pulley look and works. We started off with a Roll of tape And wrapped tinfoil around the roll and taped the inside so the tinfoil could stick. After We added a bridge on top Made out of duck tape so that it could stick. Then I made the string with a Hook at the end made out of wires. After we added electrical tape so then a covered the bridge so then it would not stick with the string. Then we add a roof on top of the bridge and so that the string could not fly off. We  added stick to the pulley so then it sticks to the wall, then we added duck tape so that it could stick very well Then we went for the go to pull up scissors.

Thanks for the help of building the project @Water king @Quicksilver

Watch down below of what happens when we pulled the scissors:


I will tell you how I built my music project.
First, I took and cut in half the Coca-Cola bottle. i taped all of the on top of it, then i took the other half(did-int do anything with it) i just taped it with the other drum. After i took a toilet paper roll and put wax paper on top, i wrap the wax paper around it then put an elastic to stick it with then tape it with the other drum.
Take a red cup put a hole on the top the connect it with the other drum.
then take a transparent plastic cup then put duck tape to make more strong to sound different then after
take another red cup and take a stick and put it with the cup so it’s like a hammer,
Then you will need to do take a transparent plastic cup then add toothpicks inside to sound like a maraka then put tape under then stick a stick through it , hot glue the stick to stick with the cup the you are finished!